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Buy Kolposkop modular binocular KM-2 with the OKVA video system and the software
Kolposkop modular binocular KM-2 with the OKVA video system and the software

Kolposkop modular binocular KM-2 with the OKVA video system and the software

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Kolposkop modular binocular KM-2 with the OKVA video system and the software, CJSC ORION MEDIK (Russia) (five degrees of protection), this kolposkop is intended for inspection of a mucous membrane of a vagina, a neck of uterus and the lower third of the cervical channel.

In a design of a kolposkop of KM-2 it is applied:

  •  The precision optics with high quality of the image and the corrected aberrations that significantly increases reliability of diagnostics and reduces inspection time; 
  •  The optical scheme provides use of wide-angle eyepieces; 
  •  The system of change of increase has 3 or 5 extents of increase that significantly expands functionality of a kolposkop; 
  •  The lighting system creates illumination, optimum for inspection. Illumination of the inspected cavities has a natural color rendition that is reached by use of light guides with the improved optical characteristics on a transmission and a color rendition.

The design of the navigation system provides the following motions:

  •   Movement down at the expense of the adjusting mechanism of a rack and the micrometric mechanism of vertical movement; 
  •   Movement across and a turn due to micrometric focusing and mutual movement of levers; 
  •   Inclination of an optical head of rather horizontal axis by means of the mechanism of a zaklon; 
  •   Rotation around a vertical axis. 
       The blue-green filter for supervision of vessels and the rotated ocular grid of an assessment of the sizes of the revealed pathologies is provided. The possibility of installation of an optical divider, for connection of a photo and video camera is provided (including digital). The big optional set of lenses and eyepieces allows to optimize parameters of a kolposkop both for routine, and for specialized researches. Optionally kolposkopa can be completed with lighting system of the illumination providing stepless automatic adjustment when changing increase. The floor support is mobile, the optimized dimensions of the basis provide a compact arrangement of a kolposkop with a chair. The possibility of fastening of a kolposkop to a chair is provided. Kolposkopa on a way of protection of the person against defeat by electric current correspond to a class 1 in accordance with GOST P 50267.0-92, on safety and electromagnetic compatibility devices correspond to GOST P 50267.0 (EN 60601-1), GOST P 50267.0.2 (IEC 60601-1-2), GOST P MEK 601-1-1. 

Technical specification of a kolposkop of binocular KM-2:


Visible increase in image space (krat)

from 1,6 to 30

System of change of increases

discrete or smooth

The linear field of a kolposkop in space of a subject (mm)

67 – 10

Focus of a lens (mm)

200 *; 250 *; 275 *; 300; 350 *; 400 *

Increase in eyepieces (krat)

10 *; 12,5; 16 *; 20 *

Focal length of a tubusny lens of the binocular adjustment (mm)

150; 180 *


binocular with a convergent path of rays

Lighting system

coaxial fiber-optical

Range of adjustment of interpupillary distance (mm)

52 – 75

Diopter motion of eyepieces (dptr)


The rotated ocular scale (mm)


Navigation system: 
range of the micrometric mechanism of vertical movement of an optical head (mm)
inclination of an optical head (°) 
rotation of an optical head around a vertical (°)

±45 ° 

Movement on height: 
rough on a cylindrical guide (mm) 
micrometric mechanism (mm)


Automatic reg illumination


Illumination (lx)


Power supply from the alternating current main (In, HZ)

220-230, 50-60

Rated power consumption (VA)


Overall dimensions of KM-2 (mm)


Mass of a kolposkop (kg)



* - it is delivered according to the additional request of the customer.

The OKVA video system for a kolposkop of KM-2:


 Adapter device

1 - the fastening plug, 2  tsentrirovochny screws, 3   a focus ring, 4  the Television camera

Technical characteristics of the OKVA video system:


Increase in the adapter


Camera type


Management of camera parameters

from the computer

Automatic adjustment of exposure and strengthening of balance white

Possibility of work in WIN-98, WIN ME, WIN 2000, WIN HR

Power supply of the adapter is carried out

from the computer

Overall dimensions of the adapter (mm)


Mass of the adapter (kg)



The computer or the notebook to which the video adapter is connected has to have characteristics not lower than 1,2 MHz of Pentium-3 the processor, and not nizhe1800 Pentium-4 MHz the processor for ensuring full productivity of the camera. Not less than 256 MB of system memory. High-speed USB 2.0 port. The software – Microsoft Windows 98 or WIN ME (USB drivers 2.0 Host of the controller, root concentrators and DirectX 9 have to be installed), WIN 2000 (ServicePack 4 has to be established) or WIN-XP (ServicePack 1 or 2 has to be established)

The note – USB 1.1 the interface does not work with the camera.

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Kolposkop modular binocular KM-2 with the OKVA video system and the software
Kolposkop modular binocular KM-2 with the OKVA video system and the software
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