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Calcium peroxide

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Calcium peroxide thanks to the oxidizing and neutralized properties and absolute ecological safety of the final products will be applied in many branches of the national economy. Peroksidny compositions are usually applied with the maintenance of 30 - 70% of active agent (CaO2)

  • Fish breeding - as an oxygen source for aeration of reservoirs, for prevention of winter and summer zamor of fish, and also transportation of a whitebait and live fish. For sanitation of ground deposits and decrease in pathogenic microflora of a reservoir.
  • The agrarian industry – for aeration of the soil, improvement of viability of seeds, acceleration of growth of plants. For bystry regulation of pH of the soil and torfogrunt. It is effective against potato and gallovy nematodes. Safe obezzarazhivatel of the soil. Preservative for long storage of vegetables and fruit. Ingredient for capsulation of seeds.
  • Poultry farming – as a growth factor of a bird, for increase in her biomass, increase in a yaytsenoskost and improvement of quality of a shell. For disinfecting of forages.
  • Livestock production – for sagination of young growth, increase in resistance of animals, decrease in incidence. As anti - diarrheal and antistress means.
  • Ecology – for safe effective purification and utilization of industrial and household sewage, as converter of ions of heavy metals, oil products and other organic compounds. As one of components of filters for preparation of drinking water, deletes cations of iron, manganese, some other metals. Accelerates processes of a peregnivaniye, eliminates unpleasant smells, deodorizes silt cards. Neutralizes heptyl pourings, disinfects radioactive waste. It is applied to cleaning and processing of secondary waste of PVC.
  • In production of polysulphidic polymers – as the stabilizer for polymers and copolymers at storage, is an initiator of polymerization, improves adhesive properties to glass under the influence of UF - radiation, is a component of thermoplastic pitches Peroxide of calcium is the vulcanizing agent at production of rubbers, giving elastichesky properties.
  • The cosmetic industry - as an antibacterial component of a broad spectrum of activity. It can be added to gels, pastes, lotions, etc.
  • Metallurgical industry - as an oxygen source in aluminothermic and other metallurgical processes. Sao2 additives allow to regulate temperature condition of process, do easier operation of separation of slag from metal, promote decrease in defects in a product. Peroxide of calcium is parts for extraction of non - ferrous and precious metals in metallurgy of non - ferrous metals 
  • Pulp and paper industry – for paper bleaching. At the same time water consumption is many times over reduced.
  • Bread baking – as an improver of wheat flour of the highest, first, second grade, baking of hearth products. Peroxide of calcium strengthens a test consistence, reduces a rasplyvayemost and increases elasticity of the test. Porosity of bread increases, its acidity decreases, taste improves.
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Calcium peroxide
Calcium peroxide
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